Royale G by pre-royale



An empowering, sleek and slim herb grinder that symbolizes the evolution of the cannabis culture and lifestyle. Highlighted Features: Gold Plated Trim – A touch of luxury to empower you to take your grinder game to the next level. Receive compliments from literally everyone who lays eyes on it. Trust me, it feels great! Modular Design – Whether you want a larger compartment for storage or a conveniently sized grinder on the go. Easily take it anywhere and adjust it to the size you want. Premium Finish – Sandblasted anodized aerospace grade aluminum. Smoother than a baby’s face. Lighter than an iPhone. Harder than a rock. Multi-Functional Clip – Secure your grinder and navigate your ground herb to its destination with absolutely zero contact. No more sticky fingers – promise! Neodymium Magnet – When it comes to quality, we believe you deserve the best. That’s why we’ve cherry-picked the market’s strongest magnet to keep the your lid sealed and your bud fresh. Rounded Kief Collector – At the bottom of the grinder, you’ll find finely- filtered pollen from the screen section. A unique bowl-like shape, allows for easy pollen-removal.

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Royale G by pre-royale


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